BORN : 1952


meghnadDuring the ceaseless journey of  36 years, Meghnad did never retreat to court the challenge of making productions of various original plays as well as translated or adapted version of the creations of great playwrights which carries a clear evidence of his reputation and popularity.

Meghnad Bhattacharya is not only one of the founder members but also the greatest friend, philosopher and guide of Sayak – the theatre group which has become a household word in the world of Bengali Theatre in course of his long and eventful journey of 40 years. The superb efficiency in directorial maneuver as well as stupendous acting skill of Meghnad in 22 Full length & 07 Short play productions helped Sayak to reach the pinnacle of progress. Meghnad is nothing but a spontaneous marvel when he makes original plays especially for two playwright’s viz. Chandan Sen and Indrasis lahiri and an equally competent creator of translated as well adapted plays of the great masters like Tolstoi, Brecht, Schedrin, Dode, Somerset Maughm. His miraculous and endeavoring willingness in organization, unflinching devotion to theatre helped Sayak in rousing a place of honour and admiration in the heart of theatre lovers. He is the main mastermind behind the continuous full house shows of Sayak for the last 36 years not only in the different states of West Bengal but also in different corners of the country and in U.S.A. Canada Bangladesh and Kuwait too.

It is under his able leadership, Sayak with its larger involvement in multifarious theatrical activities built up a theatre hall named BIJON THEATRE at North Kolkata in 1979in the name of the legendry late Bijon Bhattacharya – the father of Bengali Progressive Theatre.

2.jpgBesides Sayak, Meghnad has acted in important roles in Shakespeare’s play directed by Utpal Dutta and Giris Ghosh’s play directed by Bibhas Chakraborty., produced by the Govt. of west Bengal and Bijoy Tendulkar’s Kanyadan by Bratya Basu. He has also directed ‘Charduar’ produced by Gandhar another leading theatre group of Bengal.

Meghnad has also directed three plays produced by Bangiya Natya Parishad & Prabasi at Canada in 2006 , 2008, 2013 and a play in 2013 by Epic Actors’ Workshop at North America(New Jersey) and  one play in 2015 by ‘Spot Light’ at Columbus, Ohio.

Apart from theatre Meghnad directed several TV plays in different channels and has also acted in atleast 50 TV serials and films.

Awards received so far by  Meghnad Bhattacharya


Ultarath Award

Best Actor for ANUBIKSHAN


Paschim Banga Natya Academi & Lebedov Award Gorky Sadan

Best Director for GYAN BRIKSHER FOL


Paschim Banga Natya Academi

Best Actor for DAIBADDHA


Paschim Banga Natya Academi & Partha Pratim Memorial Award

Best Director for KARNABATI


Nandikar National Festival

For Remarkable Contribution in Theatre


Anya Theatre Natya Swapnakalpa

For Remarkable Contribution in Theatre


Nandipat Youth Festival

For Remarkable Contribution in Theatre


Paschim Banga Natya Akademi

Best Director for “DOURNAMA”


Girish Puroskar given by West Bengal Govt.


Bengali Stage Centenary Star Theatre Award  given by University of Kolkata


   For Remarkable Contribution in Theatre


Anukul Natya Samman given by Roopkatha, Allahabad


Natyaswapnakalpa Samman given by Anyo Theatre, Kolkata



For Remarkable Contribution in Theatre

Best Production Awards





Shiromoni Award by ASIAN PAINTS



Anandalok Samman by ABP



Tripti Mitra Memorial Award by BENGAL SRACHI GROUP



Paschim Banga Natya Akademi



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