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Gopal Das





Meghnad Bhattacharya



First Show


21.05. 91   Academy







It was merely tryst with destiny for Gagan, a lorry driver, when about 18 years ago he came across Sita, insulted and tormented in her well-established groom's house, desperatelv trying to commit suicide with her lap-baby. Gagan hopped down from his vehicle and saved Sita and her little baby. In course of time, these uneven lives get emotionally locked with each other. Tender love and affection spring spontaneously in the simple susceptible heart of Gagan, passionately reciprocated by his growing sensitive `daughter' Jhinuk. But even then Sita could hardly forget her former ego. And so the inevitable Nemesis casts it appalling shadow one day. Sita, Gagan and Jhinuk have to bleed upon the thorns of cruel realities, when Jiban, the loyal assistant of Gagan, or Debu betrothed to Jhinuk stand taken aback and feel only the surface of the tragedy. A new emotion of love and trust then ushers in from that moribund family structure to fill the void. It matters little whether the age old society is ready to accept the iconoclastic truth. But an emotional response to meet the challenge of a bolder reaponsibility gets the better of all obstacles.



Gagan                  :        Meghnad Bhattacharya

Sita                      :        Runa Mukherjee

Jhinuk                 :        Tuhina Chakraborty

Jiban                    :        Pradip Das

Master Masai      :        Amar Nath Ghosh

Sandhya              :        Bharati Das

Debu                    :        Samiran Bhattacharyya / Ajoy Sankar Banerjee

Others                  :        Sukharanjan Bhattacharya, Jayanta Das,

Samir Deb, Parimal Chakraborty