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Concept of the Play:  “PUNORTHHAN”

Down the decades an unchallenged convention of unbridled exploitation has been running rampant in and around “Khadans” (illegal spots of mining coal) owned and operated by coal mafias. Poverty stricken Adibasis are sent down to the underground pits for lifting up costly coal at a very nominal wage and many of them meet normal accidents and unacknowledged death inside those dangerously unsafe pits. Their dead bodies never come back and their families do not get any compensation from the greedy “Khadan” owners whose purse dictates rules and regulations, police and administration.

Bharat Kuilya, a young son of the soil having completed school level education, opened a Primary school for the children of that unenlightened area Napahari . Bharat stood up as a protestant to this unbridled temptation and exploitation.

Anindya Talukder , the proud and arrogant Addl.S.P., arrested Bharat Kuilya and he was atlast beaten to death inside the police lockup. The honest O.C Golok bihari Kundu was made scape goat as he had been refusing to respond to the prevalent dishonest devices. The A.S.P wanted to take the help of higher administration and managed Sandip Ghosh, the D.M by his side on the plea of administrative convention. Golok had to flee away after he was framed for the murder of Bharat.

Sambita(D.M’s daughter) stood against her dear father and directly asked why an innocent police officer would suffer while the guilty officer escape punishment for blue blood. The D.M got perplexed being tossed between his conscience and his administrative compulsion.

At last Golok return back to Napahari and Paban, father of Bharat Kuilya and his companions stood in favour of Golok.

The Resurrection of the unacknowledged dead, unknown victims of socio-administrative crimes, unsung heroes of the subjugated class begins…




Cast :


Paban                        :           Biswanath Ray

Kamin’s                    :           Indrajita Chakraborty , Sampa Sena , Papia Roy

Bharat                      :           Prasenjit Kundu

D.S.P Anindya        :           Samiran Bhattacharya

S.I.Sadhunya          :           Dhurjati De

A.S.I. Bhagban        :           Pradip Das

O.C.Golok                 :           Parimal Chakraborty

Driver Kanu           :           Uttam Dey

D.M. Sandip                        :           Meghnad Bhattacharya

P.M. Ramesh          :           Kartik Moitra

Magistrate Subal   :           Sukharanjan Bhattacharya

Sumana                    :           Runa Mukherjee

Sambita                    :           Rimjhim Ghosh

Ranita                       :           Antara De

Bhobotosh              :           Jayanta Das

Manindra                :           Santunu Bhattacharya

Khadan Workers :           Sukhamay Das , Sushanta Dasgupta , Aranab Dasgupta

Abinash                    :           Ashish Ghosh

Advocate Ratan     :           Subrata Bhawal

Damru                      :           Samar Das