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Subhendu Mukherjee



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Premkatha 1               



Concept of the Play:  “PREM KATHA”

Premkatha is an undiluted farce inspired freely from Moli’ere (Jean Baptiste Poquelin)’s popular play L´Avare. The internationally acclaimed French genius of 17th Century has been inspiring myriad unforgettable farces and satires in many countries down the ages. Sayak in its 43rd years’ ceaseless sojourn in Bengal Theatre is playing tribute to Playwirght Molie´re by presenting this inspired Production with some updated tints.

The play dilates on a widower spendthrift trader, a very successful cloth merchant of Ballygunge area, Prankesto, whose miserly habits and crazy pranks incite antipathy in his son and daughter. Both his son Palash and  daughter Pulokita have fallen in love. Prankesto is biding his time to charge a heavy dowry for his worthless son, who has somehow managed P.G. Degree on Islamic History from Jagatguru University. So he is bitterly opposing Palash’s love only for his apprehension of losing the expected dowry . Prankesto also has selected a aged gold merchant of Bowbazar, Radheshyam Sen , who has lost his first wife a few years ago, as a match for Pulokita who is 30 years younger than the gold merchant . Prankesto’s selection is prompted by his hope of avoiding dowry for her daughter’s marriage. Ultimately Prankesto decides that he himself will marry again , as he believes that everyone should try to fulfil his dormant desires before 2020, the year when the world will definitely be destroyed according to his Guru ‘Nagababa’. Palash finds that his father is going to marry a young girl , who is none other than his ladylove Prerona. Prankesto is surrounded by  some  sly associates and assistants , - his servant, maid servant and driver. Pulokita is madly in love with Dolgobinda, a clever young man who has come from Midnapore to make a fortune in Prankesto’s concern after falling in love with Pulokita while she met a street accident.

The farce hilariously ends with the message of victory of love while Prankesto’s lure of money or gold gets the better of his craze for marrying Prerona.










Prankesto                :           Meghnad Bhattacharya

Palash                       :           Ajoysankar Banerjee

Dolgobindo             :           Samiran Bhattacharyya

Phazil                        :           Uttam Dey

Dabloo                      :           Dhurjati Dey

Sahas                         :           Santanu Bhattacharya

Batokesto                :           Pradip Das

Kalipado                  :           Subrota Bhowal / Sukharanjan Bhattacharjee

Suhas                        :           Jayanta Das

Radheshyam          :           Parimal Chakraborty

Jharapata                 :           Indrajita Chakraborty

Pulokita                   :           Antara Dey

Prerona                    :           Anamika Bhattacharya

Shyama                    :           Sampa Sena


JOKERS                   :          

Papiya Roy , Prasenjit Kundu, Saswati Chakraborty,  Koushik Ghoshal , Samar Das, Sukhomoy Das, Aindri Mukherjee,  Samir Deb