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Concept of the Play:  BHALO LOK

All for the best ('TUTTO PER BENE') is a famous Italian Play, initially written as a novel in 1906 and subsequently appeared as a play by 'Nobel laureate' a poet, a novelist and a playwright Luigi Pirandello in 1920. Inspired from its English translation by Henry Reed, Bengali play 'Bhalo Lok' has been written on a typical Bengali setup which reflects a contemporary rural background in a village 'Majher Char'on the bank of the river Bhagirathi, where the breeze of urban culture blows mildly. Satyacharan and Dhurjatinarayan, the two childhood friends of this village, were disciples of a great man Mr. Nityananda Roy Chowdhury, who baptised both of them in Socio-political ideology. In course of time, Nityananda felt himself as a misfit in the society and immersed himself in the philosophy of religious heights. By then he has handed over the responsibility of Kamalika, his only daughter to Satyacharan whose unwavering faith as a husband to Kamalika. Suddenly, Kamalika mysteriously disappeared leaving their little child Kalpa. At this moment of grief, the bewildered Satya found Dhurjati as a true friend while Dhurjati took upon himself to take Kalpa away to his city residence.

Satyacharan's household matters and his welfare is faithfully looked after by Prabha, the domestic help at large. Jaleswar the local shopkeeper along with Prabha had been very close to Satyacharan , his childhood classmate, over decades. Dhurjati now an Ex-MP and National leader makes it a habit to challenge his childhood friend Satyacharan where his calm demeanour and his political belief bothered Dhurjati at all times, even when Satyacharan came to inaugurate the first school at 'Majher Char'and his other good deeds. The play reaches the climax when the fatherhood of Kalpa, is in question and a secret letter from Mr. Nityananda Roy Chowdhury is exposed . Is Kalpa the 'Majher Char' between the 'Father' Satyacharan or the 'Daddy' Dhurjatinarayan? The concept of a'Bhalo Lok' (Goodman) faces the biggest challenge from an unavoidable bad pivot of burning Reality.





Jaleswar : Pradip Das

Satyacharan : Meghnad Bhattacharya

Prabha : Runa Mukhopadhyay

Dhurjati Narayan : Asis Ghosh

Kalpa : Kathakoli

Biki : Samiran Bhattacharya

Shambucharan : Sukhoranjan Bhattacharya

Angurbala : Sampa Sena

Bolai : Kartik Mitra

Tilak : Sukhomoy Das

Janardan : Samir Deb

Sanatan : Jayanta Das

Madhabi : Anamika Bhattacharya

Surobala : Jharna Manna

Nihar Biswas : Dhurjati De

Kamalika : Anasua Bhattacharya Dey

Others :

Susanta Dasgupta

Samar Das

Subhadip Ghosh

Sanjukta Sarkar