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26th February’ 2016



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Concept of the Play:  “PASSING SHOW”

Synopsis :

The plot revolves around the frantic search of Atin – search for the  fragrance of the golden past , old classics, vintage memoirs and music reaches a climax in his obsessive pursuit through time to find the singer, Atulananda, who recorded a song written by his father, Dhurjoti Dutta. His journey towards ‘time past’ necessitates the presence of a character who will link the present and the past. Ghulam Mohammad does exactly that by winding back the defunct gramophone to take the audience to the world of classics. The conflict ensues as the present material world interjects its mercantile value systems into the world of classical humanism and innocence. Ghulam with a shake of his hand takes us on a roller coaster ride, riding back and forth into past and present simultaneously as the conflict mentioned before makes its presence felt in Atin’s domestic life. This is established in the form of the tussle between him and his family members who want to refurbish their old house into modern apartments but as per Ghulam’s belief nothing in this world can be completely lost.  Everything remains immortal in the aesthetic space of creation. And indeed Atin witnesses his father sitting in the corners of his old house.

Roaming from one space to another, Atin ultimately finds the singer’s house and his son, Jibanananda, who has carefully preserved his father’s record till date. The theatrical proficiency doesn’t end here; a layer of mystical meta-theatre is added as Atin’s supposed ‘Other’ comes to visit him often. With the plot somewhat resolving it’s initiated conflicts with the meeting of Atin and Jibananda, Atin hopes to finally meet his ‘Other’. The curtain falls with this awkward expectation evoked.






CAST for “Passing Show” ::


অতীন /Atin                           :           মেঘনাদ ভট্টাচার্য / Meghnad Bhattacharya

শম্পা / Sampa                       :           রুনা মুখোপাধ্যায় / Runa Mukhopadhyay

লীলা / Lila                             :           ইন্দ্রাজিতা চক্রবর্তী / Indrajita Chakraborty

পারভেজ / Parvez                 :           জয়ন্ত দাস /Jayanta das

দীনু / Dinu                             :           সরল পাল /Saral Paul

গুলাম মহম্মদ / Gulam           :           সমীরন ভট্টাচার্য / Samiran Bhattacharyya

হ্যাপি / Happy                       :           গৌতম সর্দার / Gautam Sardar

বিমল / Bimal                         :           প্রদীপ দাস  / Pradip Das

হরিনাথ  / Harinath              :           সুখরঞ্জন ভট্টাচার্য / Sukharanjan Bhattacharjee

রতনলাল / Ratanlal :           বিশ্বনাথ রায় / Biswanath Roy

মৃণালিনী / Mrinalini             :           শাশ্বতী চক্রবর্তী / Saswati Chakraborty

নীলাম্বর / Nilambar :           ধুর্জটি দে / Dhurjati De

জন্ (জুনিয়র)/John(Junior):           সুব্রত ভাওয়াল / Subrota Bhowal

মণিরুল / Monirul                 :           গৌতম সেন / Goutam Sen

সত্যেন / Satyen                     :           অজয়শংকর  ব্যানার্জী / Ajoy Sankar Banerjee

রিয়া / Riya                             :           বন্দনা বসু / Bandana Basu

খোদাবক্স / Khodabox          :           শান্তনু ভট্টাচার্য / Santanu Bhattacharya

স্বর্নকমল / Swarnakamal    :           প্রসেনজিৎ কুন্ডু / Prasenjit Kundu

রেশমী বাঈ / Reshmi Bai      :           পাপিয়া রায় / Papiya Roy

জন্‌ (সিনিয়র)/John(Senior):           সুব্রত ভাওয়াল Subrota Bhowal

জীবনানন্দ /   Jibananda      :           পরিমল চক্রবর্তী / Parimal Chakraborty

মা /  Mother              :           কৃষ্ণা সান্যাল / Krishna Sanyal

বিপদভঞ্জন/Bipodbhanjan :           কার্তিক মৈত্র / Kartik Maitra


অন্যান্য /Others                     :

সমীর দেব / Samir Deb, সুশান্ত দাশগুপ্ত /  Susanta Dasgupta , কৌশিক ঘোষাল / Koushik Ghosal , অর্নব দাশগুপ্ত / Arnad Dasgupta, অভিরূপ মিত্র / Avirup Mitra , সমর দাস  / Samar Das, সায়ন সরকার / Sayan Sarkar, সুখময় দাস /  Sukhamay Das



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