Sayak – a name associated with a Theatre group has through its journey of more than 40 years, become a household word in the world of Bengali Theatre. Having assumed the formation by eleven dedicated theatre workers in December 2’1973 with the objective to nourish Progressive Modern Creative Theatre enriching cultural heritage of Bengal; Sayak at this stage, feels proud for its ability in rousing a place of honour and admiration in the hearts of Theatre lovers through total devotion to genuine work.

The nitty-gritty professionalism, never failing discipline, dexterous leadership and dignified productions have made Sayak popular and significant, transcending it to the position of a dramatic institution with its multifarious activities.

DIRECTOR : MEGHNAD BHATTACHARYA BORN : 1952 During the ceaseless journey of  36 years, Meghnad did never retreat to court the challenge of making productions of various original plays as well as translated or adapted version of the creations of great playwrights which carries a clear evidence of his reputation and popularity.
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